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Free Birthday Gifts

No matter what product or service, merchants love to get new customers and a great way to attract new customers is to say "happy birthday" with a birthday gift at just the right time. In one city alone where there are one million people, eighty-three thousand of them are having a birthday every month. That’s two thousand and seven hundred birthdays every day. The Birthday Register helps businesses get new customers by using their own products and services as advertising to attract new customers. The timing of the offer makes all the difference and the timing of a birthday couldn't be better. By using their own products and services, a gift certificate is sent to people just before their birthday. It’s a service for a local business so that an offer will arrive at just the right time. We send birthday gifts to people who have registered and provided their name, email, birth date, and zip code. We know who they are, how old they are, where they live, and the date they registered. This information will help in deciding what kinds of gifts will have the most impact. It helps ensure that those receiving these certificates, plan to visit the business. So far over seventy thousand people have registered with the The Birthday Register. Seventy percent of these registrants are female and the average age is thirty-seven. This is a premium list of people that are computer savvy, internet connected, email users, and looking for new merchants to explore. What is making The Birthday Register well known is word of mouth and the businesses giving these gifts enjoy this “word of mouth” too. The Birthday Register was first made known in a press release, then talked about on Fox TV News, and picked up on several radio stations. Then newspaper articles and internet articles were written. This PR helped prove the popularity of the concept. People love receiving birthday gifts just as much as businesses love getting new customers. These people celebrate with their friends and family and businesses get new customers. The result is word of mouth about these merchants. That’s how local merchants are bringing in happy customers. New customers make a valuable business marketing tool. Everyone has a birthday and almost everyone has access to the Internet. It’s a if I ever saw one. Call today. 210-568-7774

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