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The Birthday Register is a spam free web site. You get Free Birthday Gifts from local merchants,

no cost, no spam, no kidding! These are not coupons or discounts but actual "no purchase

necessary" gift certificates for gifts like a free dinner, round of golf, movie, car wash, all

kinds of great gift certificates. Why? Because in advertising this way, merchants attract

new people by giving great birthday gifts to you.



As promised, we heavily protect your email address so you won't get any spam. Your birthday

registration will help attract merchants in your local area and they provide gift certificates.

The more birthdays in your area, the more merchants will provide free gift certificates. 

Most of these gift certificates are valid for up to a month after your birthday so you 

have plenty of time celebrate. Kind of like celebrating your birthmonth!


The Birthday Register is attracting more merchants every day and working hard to attract

merchants in your area but we want you to know that The Birthday Register is new and

we may not have merchants in your area . . . yet. Also, in some areas you could get 

3 or 4 gifts and in other areas you might get 15 or 20 gifts. 


So please take just a moment and help spread the word. Tell your friends, co-workers, and

family about this site. Your help will provide more gifts to make birthdays even better 

for everyone. Before long everyone can have fantastic birthdays for... free!

Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate your birthday!


Bob Woolard                

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We are working on a way for you to "Select FREE Gifts" so you can tell us what kind of gifts

you would like. We will work on your selections by asking Merchants to give you these gifts

for your free birthday. They get new visitors, you get free gifts, everybody's happy! As we get more

people to register, we get more merchants to give more gifts. Then we send you what we have.

If we don't have exactly what you want, we send you what we have until we get what you want.

As more Merchants sign up, better gifts are given. The gifts just keep getting better and better.

Sign up today and tell others to do the same. Who knows what you could get for your next birthday.

And what's it cost ya? . . . That's right. Nada, zip, zero.




Free Birthday Gifts

The gifts you did not expect. Have you ever received a birthday acknowledgement from a business that you may have done business with and thought, “What a nice gesture”. I know I have and thought it was very cool. You have probably had a friend or family member give you a gift certificate to a local shop that that they picked up a store while shopping? What if instead of a family member or friend it came directly from the business itself! What would you think if that business sent you a free birthday gift certificate on your birthday? That would really be cool, right? Imagine if there was a website that offered a way for you to register for all kinds of free birthday gift certificates on their web site that would be matched with local merchants in your area. Would you be willing to register your birthday if you knew that you would receive free birthday gift certificates from local business such as movie theatres, restaurants, golf courses and other fun places? The web site would not share your email address or your personal information, but would just match it to the local businesses that have signed up for this service. TheBirthdayRegister.com has found that there are plenty of people that are willing to enter their information in exchange for free birthday gift certificates. After you finish a very painless registration process you just sit back and wait for your birthday and love the surprises. If this sounds like a cool concept to you, check it out and tell your friends. The more people that sign up for the service, the more merchants they attract to offer the certificates. So get on the phone and call or text all your friends and tell them about TheBirthdayRegister.com. You can help make birthdays better for everyone!

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